January 09, 2010

Sustainability Stream of Consciousness

Since my last two posts have been essentially about thrifting, I thought I should turn to the other part of this blog: leading a sustainable lifestyle.  This is sort of a round-up of what I did this week.

Vehicle usage was minimal.  Hus carpooled to work with a neighbour, and except for Thursday, when I needed the car to do errands, I walked to work and back.  It only takes me about 15 minutes, and I like the time to clear my head on the return.

Food was eaten.  We still had a whole salmon in the freezer.  It should have been eaten months ago, so we though we'd better get to it.  We baked and ate some for dinner on Monday.  Then the next day, we made salmon patties with it including shallots, capers, parsley, bread crumbs etc.  Those were frozen and a few were taken for lunches.  We have some for next week as well.  

I also had to organize a monthly lunch meeting at work.  There are always left-overs, so I brought containers to take home the soup and salad.  We'll eat these for lunch this weekend.

Clothes-swap was planned.  Last night we were invited over to dinner at our friends' house.  Being similar-minded, we got on the topic of clothing and decided to organize a clothes-swap for our circle of female friends in March.  I've never done one, but she has.

Recycling was organized.  I had more paper than usual due to Christmas.  I was very careful to put all the cardboard boxes etc. into the recycling.  But I'm happy to report there was not a shred of wrapping paper.  We unwrapped our gifts carefully, and saved it all for next Christmas.  

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