January 07, 2010

Sally Ann Bag Sale

After work, I had to head downtown to do some errands.  I haven't been to the thrift shops for weeks, but since the Salvation Army was just down the street from the Post Office (stamps, by the way, are going up by 3 cents each on Monday, so Canadian readers should go stock up) I headed there.  I needed some duo-tangs for work and hoped to find some used one.  I did!  As well as some other school supplies.

At the till, I found out - unbeknownst to me - that this was the monthly bag sale day - fill up a bag for $6.  Giddy-up!  

I stuffed my bag with an assortment of vintage and not-so-vintage wrapping paper.  Check out some of the cool patterns!

There was even more, but that picture was fuzzy.


A lot of people must have done post-Christmas de-cluttering.  So, I got a few Christmas things, although I should mention that I am very choosy with Christmas stuff.  Every year my mother gave my sisters and I a single, unique, ornament.  I don't think my sisters hang theirs, but I do.  That means I really have no bulbs.  I liked the size of these, and three look rather old.

Unfortunately, after I took this picture, I was curious if there actually was a CD in the case.  There wasn't.  But don't worry, the case won't go to waste. I have the perfect project in mind, see. I made about 10 of these this Christmas and had a blast.  Covered with sequins and glitter glue, they looked really good on the tree (and compensated for my lack of bulbs).

I also stashed a red patent leather belt in my bag.  I have to see if it will work with my new-old winter coat (see last post).

And on the theme of accessories, I added this brooch.  Lately, I've been really into vintage pins and brooches.  This isn't vintage - its Hallmark, but I thought I might wear it.  One of my work colleagues always wears crazy pins.  She has a theory that it gives the students something to focus on while she is teaching.  I'm not sure about this, but seeing that she is retiring in the summer, I might take over her tradition.  

Finally, I threw some Canadian publications and music in with the lot.  Good for evening reading and listening.

I also added three other things, but these are destined as gifts, so I can't show you.

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