July 06, 2014

Alberta Summer

Hi All,

My lack of posts can be explained by Summer! Its been beautiful here, and we've spent most of our summer outdoors and exploring our new province since this is our first full summer here. The weather has been great...see the explosion of flowers in my tacky pots compared to last post...(ignore the weeds!)
And we've travelled south to visit friends in Okotoks.  And we've travelled East of Edmonton to get the full Ukrainian experience at the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village
And we ate pierogies at the cafe there...yum!

And we went to Vegreville to visit the giant psyanka (egg)....
It's the largest one in the world. See Hus in the picture for contrast. 

And we've also been riding our bikes on the river trails bordering the North Saskatchewan. I make Hus stop when I see a garage sale.  Now for $1, I have psyanka's of my own!


Cheapchick said...

So funny, all those cultural experiences I married into by marrying a Ukrainian! He was from Mundare (right by Vegreville). The best sausage comes from Mundare in the whole world, Stawnichys (you can buy it in Shoppers Drug Mart in Sherwood park though). My hubby worked there when he was 16 lol. Cheers!

Reduce, Reuse and Rummage said...

Neat. I'll look into them.

Dana@Mid2Mod said...

Looks like you've had some fun on your outings. I love your eggs!