September 03, 2013

Back-to-School way

I wasn't going to buy any back to school clothing.  As a mature student, who has been teaching for the past decade, I have a fairly decent wardrobe.  And, I need to pinch pennies since my professional program is an expensive one.  
But, this weekend my parents visited, and my mom is a good thrifting partner, AND a new Value Village just opened near my neighbourhood.  So mom and I went to check it out.  
The stock there wasn't great.  Perhaps they haven't yet had many community donations.  But we did buy a few things.  Mom got a sweater for dad and an audiobook on CD.  And I ended up buying fairly typical back-to-school fashions...Mary Janes & a plaid jacket!
 The Mary Janes are Josef Seibel, and have been hardly worn, it at all.
Whoever priced them probably didn't know the brand, since they were only $9.99.  Value Village often prices shoes like this for $19.99.

And I love the retro vibe of this plaid jacket from Christopher & Banks.  
Look at the buttons! It was a little more expensive at $12.99. I think it would look great with jeans or a dark skirt or whatever.  It is quite light, so I probably will wear it as a blouse.  Even though school starts tomorrow it will be too warm to wear it, so I'll have to bide my time for a few weeks.

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LaCheryl Cillie said...

Love the plaid jacket, and I especially love the buttons! When I'm thrifting, if I see a garment that I'm not crazy about, but I like the buttons, I'll buy the garment anyway. I'll then remove the buttons and use them for a sewing project. It's a cheap and easy way to get buttons.