July 13, 2013

Turquoise Kitchenware and some news

Not sure if anyone is out there anymore.  I haven't posted anything for almost a year, but  I thought my most recent acquisitions deserved a post.  It was a 50% off kitchenware day at one of my local thrift shops.  I didn't expect to find anything,but I found two things one after the other.

A small pyrex bowl, in excellent condition.  I think the pattern is called Amish.  Besides the Forest Fancies, this is the only other pattern I have and look out for.  And a pristine Melmac divided bowl, which I was equally pumped to find.  

There was a small article about Melmac in the latest edition of Atomic Ranch.  I was just reading it and admiring the styling of Melmac pieces and then found this bowl in the thrift store later that week.  This bowl was made in Toronto by Maplex.  As I was researching it I came across this blog all about Melmac.  There are aficionados for everything!  Its great reading.

I only spend $2.50 for both, as they were half price.

And for the news...I may be resurrecting this blog, as I'll have lots of new (and old!) things to blog about.  Hus and I will be moving to a new city (a city! with an international airport, culture, amenities, and lots and lots of thrift and consignment stores), in a new province, and I will be returning to school (at age 40!) to transition to a new career.  But most exciting of all, for the purposes of this blog, we bought a 1959 mid-century modest home, which has many of its original features.  So my turquoise bowls will fit right in!


acorn hollow said...

A lot happening in your life. Good finds and yes that bowl will look right at home.

Dana@Mid2Mod said...

I was so happy to see your blog pop up in my reader! I had missed your posts and wondered where you were. Congratulations on the move and the new house. And yay for you going back to school. You'll do great. I went back when I was 50.

Also, I have that same turquoise bowl and its yellow sibling. I love them!

Reduce, Reuse and Rummage said...

Thanks for your kind words, you two.

Protector of Vintage said...

Good luck with all the exciting changes!!

Hausfrau said...

Hey, that's fantastic news about the majoe life changes. Glad to hear things are progressing so well. Like everyone else, I'm delighted to hear you'll be sharing your finds with us once more. Can't wait to see some interior shots from your new house, too. We moved into an apartment in an older house in which the bathroom and kitchen were renovated in 1952. Much of what was installed at this time remains, which helps create a nice ambiance to match all my vintage items. You'll certainly have great fun decorating your new place.