October 11, 2011

Double Duty Products

A few things happened this week that made me think about using household products in ways in which they were not originally intended.  

The classic example in my childhood home was using Avon's 'Skin So Soft' bath oil to lift stubborn price stickers off of things (I can still smell it!).  In Hus's grandma's farmhouse, she always kept a bottle of Coca Cola in the laundry room to add to the wash of 'cow patty'-stained jeans.

Last week I felt chilled one afternoon, so I decided to take a rare bubble bath.  I haven't had purposely-made bubble bath for quite some time, but in the bathroom cupboard I have a backup....
Some old shampoo that I don't care to use on my hair anymore.  I found the Life brand orange shampoo too drying, and the Burt's Bees Grapefruit doesn't foam enough.  I mix them together and presto! Citrus Bubble Bath.  And I get to reuse the shampoo that otherwise might go to waste. We don't use the dog shampoo for anything but washing the dog.  

But....I have also recently heard of an alternative use for dog ointment.  Rufus had to go to the Veterinarian for his regular check up this week.  He had a slight wound on his tail so the Dr. gave us a free tube of topical ointment.
As Rufus and I were leaving, we started to talk about running.  The Dr. was very excited that he had serendipitously just given me one of his favourite running aids.  He uses the Panalog dog ointment to treat the rashes he gets from running long distances!  Since Rufus only needed a few treatments, he was happy that I could get use out of the rest of the tube!!  I guess I'll keep it in mind, but luckily I've been rash-free so far! 

What unconventional uses do you get out of household products?


acorn hollow said...

Good use of the shampoo. I wish I had a nice deep tub.

Cheapchick said...

Another great goo remover is rubbing alcohol. I used to work in a used bookstore and every single book was wiped with it to disinfect and clean them up. It works great!