April 04, 2011

Maintaining Myself Monday

Yes, I have been steady at 130 lbs for the last few weeks.  Now the hard part is to keep it off!  I plan to still track my daily WW points to stay on course!  
I also had to go buy new jeans this week, hoping that a size 8 would fit nicely.  The award for vanity sizing goes to....(drumroll)....Mark's Work Wearhouse where I bought size 4 and size 6 jeans!  The number is nice, but I don't think it really reflects reality.  For those of you outside Canada, Mark's Work Wearhouse is a large chain that sells casual clothing besides things like steel-toed boots and leather gloves.
As for exercise, I raked the yard this weekend!  The snow is finally gone in Northern BC and spring is here.  I took a picture of the weeny flowers I found on the lawn....
 Happy Spring!


DearHelenHartman said...

Hop skip and jumping through blog lists and found your blog, really like the feel of it and am a sucker for paperdolls, though not a collector. New follower! (Come say hi sometime at dearhelenhartman.blogspot)

acorn hollow said...

good for you! Spring has not come our way yet. We are still snow covered and it snowed a bit today.
nice to see your flowers poping up.

Carpe Diem said...

Hey watch your mouth! or, um, fingers. Not all the snow is gone from nothern BC. I still have plenty - its melting fast but not fast enough!

Anonymous said...

I also enjoy Mark's 4s and 6s after losing weight. But you're right about the sizing - when I was a teenager in the 60's and was under 100 lb. I was still a 5 or 7; that's how much they've changed the sizing. But what the hay - I say enjoy those numbers - you've worked hard for it!!!