January 10, 2011

Reducing Myself Monday

Today the scale said I was back to my pre-Christmas weight of 139.  We've been recording our food intake as per the old weight watchers points.  Hus is already down 6 pounds! Men!

As for activity, I'm still doing my daily dog walks and I went running yesterday. I've also been a dancing queen!  Hus bought me an Xbox Kinect as a late Christmas gift, including the game Dance Central.  So I've been playing for about a half hour each day.  Unfortunately, all the beginner songs are from current artists like Lady Gaga.  The music from my generation (X), that I'd most like to dance to, is way down on the difficulty level.  So I have to work on my moves a lot more before I can bust it out on Young MC's Bust a Move and Salt n Pepa's Push It.

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