January 03, 2011

Reducing Myself Monday

On with my New Year's resolution....to continue this feature.  I saw 140 on the scale all fall, but over Christmas this rose a bit.  Today it was at 142.  Hus also wants to lose about 10 pounds and he has been tracking our food for the last few days according to the weight watchers point system.  This has been a good reminder of the value(!) of eating vegetables since they aren't worth any points.  We've also been walking the dog about 8 km a day, and today went cross country skiing again.

According to another one of my resolutions, I made a new vegan recipe for dinner last night: rice-stuffed acorn squash with a side of brussel sprouts.  Only 6 points, and very filling!

In preparation of going back to work tomorrow, I made a batch of hummus for lunches and I am going to put together a 3 grain hot cereal in the crockpot tonight to enjoy in the morning.


maria said...

Cross-country skiing: 2 of the best ways to lose pounds.


Dana@Mid2Mod said...

Congrats on the weight loss. I keep saying I should start counting points again. It's the starting that's hard. The actual doing is a breeze. Amazing what mental and emotional barriers we can build to something that feels so good once we're doing it, huh?