November 20, 2010


I can't believe it!  This morning I was reading this post from Kelly over at Grunge Queen, where she came in #16 on another blog's Top-50-Blogs-for-Yard-Sale-Aficionados.  I linked on over in search of like-minded blogs, when I discovered my blog was #48!  I also found a bunch of other cool blogs, so go check it out.

Since I had the honour of being named, I thought I would post a series of pictures of other rummaged, yard-saled, thrifted and used purchases from over the last year.  For one reason or another, I never posted about them, but now that I have to maintain my 'top 50' reputation, this gives me an excuse to!

More 10 cent jewelery that I found at Liquidation World.  I guess these aren't actually used but they were cheap enough to be.  Lots of other people must have made purchases from this bin, because I recognized a lot of the bead, chains etc. on jewelery at the Craft Fair I went to two weeks ago.
.50 cent sweater from a yard sale.  Coincidentally, I am wearing it today.
$4 pin from a flea market.
Children's books from a garage sale.  .25 cents each.  I gave these to my non-blogging sister.  'Odyssey from River Bend' was a discarded book from the since-closed elementary school that we went to.  Go Wildwood Warriors!  And my sister and I always had a soft spot for Snow-White and Red-Rose when we were children, since we both could pretend to be fairy tale characters together  (although she probably would have preferred me to be the wicked witch!)
A made-in-Canada dress by Gilmour that I found at Value Village last week.  This is my third Gilmour dress, but at $14.99 it was a bargain compared to the others I have.

On a related note, when I was browsing for new clothing, I noticed that this shirt that I had just purchased for $3, was still on the rack for $48.  A savings of $45!


Carpe Diem said...

Congratulations! Your blog has been 'found'! So much for remaining anonymous eh?

I picked up some cool vintage things lately, I guess I should post some photos on my vintage blog so you can see them.

I really like that pin you picked up. Now that I know that non-blogging sister likes vintage flower pins I'll have to be on the look out for her.

acorn hollow said...

congradulations! I am headed over to see all the great blogs.