August 06, 2010

A Slim Dime and an Dwarfish Surprise

I spend a slim dime at a garage sale today for two dwarfs that emerged from German Kinder Surprises circa 1994.

I love the surprise of what you can find at a garage sales.  And, I'm always surprised at what can be found on the internet.  I learned a lot about Kinder Surprise today after I got home with my dwarfish treasures.  Here are a few 'facts' that surprised me:
  • Those poor souls in the USA do not get Kinder Surprise Eggs because they are banned!  Something about a choking hazard.
  • Kinder Surprise started in the early 1970s.
  • The toys are very collectible; especially those from Germany which were of a higher quality (I could feel it when I picked these two darlings up!)
  • These dwarfs came in a set of 12 called Garden Dwarves; you can buy the set for $16 on ebay now.
  • The most collectible are a set of Smurfs issued in Germany in 1983
  • When you type surprise and dwarf over and over again, these two words start to look weird.
  • I am craving Kinder Surprise chocolate now!

1 comment:

SusieQT said...

I actually have a couple Kinder surprise eggs in my house right now; a treat for my kids after school. I know a store in the US where you can get them- the real ones- I wonder if they know they're not supposed to be selling them? I won't tell!