June 01, 2010

Reducing Myself Musings

Today the scale said 140 lbs!  So far I have been able to lose a pound a week, but more importantly, I am appreciating all the good, healthy food I have been eating and have not been craving anything bad at all.  Now I just have to keep up this habit.  Although the South Beach Diet doesn't work for everyone, and why it works is debated, I think it works for me because it is about resetting your eating, producing new habits, and by eliminating a whole food group for the first 2 weeks (bread!), you naturally consuming less calories in spreads, jams etc.  

I have been noticing a very subtle change in the way my clothes fit, most of all the roll that hangs over the waistband of my pants is gone!  I have a few more pounds to go, though, to be able to comfortably (and fashionably) wear the dress pants in the back of my closet.

Why and how am I doing this?  I blogged about it here last month.

And on a separate note, thanks to new followers Jill, Heidi and Bringing Back Pretty! I was ecstatic to open my account this morning and find double digits in followers!

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