April 12, 2012

Spreading the Liebster Award Love...

This morning I received notice from the lovely Hausfrau at http://hausfraujournal.blogspot.ca/ that she has bestowed upon me a Liebster Blog Award. This is given to blogs with less than 200 followers!  

Danke Schoen, Hausfrau!  Although I haven't been posting too much lately, it is nice to be recognized AND this is my very first blog award!

The Hausfrau has been posting since October and her posts from the 'old country' about German vintage fashion, appliances and housewares are great.  As a child of German immigrants, I love seeing the things my parents might have grown up with, and I'm a fan of the ascetic.  Check it out; she posts about some really fascinating things.  And she may be interested in this West German Jute table runner, my mom just gave me....
Once it is ironed, it will be great at Christmas.
The colours are much brighter in real life.
Once the award is given, each recipient is to carry on the tradition by honouring five other small blogs.  In no particular order, I would like to pass on the award to (drumroll please)...

1. Daydreaming in Turquoise at http://daydreaminginturquoise.blogspot.ca/ 

I love Sarah's blog name, and I find her posts also pique my interest.  Yes she loves turquoise, but she writes about various things (not all turquoise related).  She is always trolling Etsy and Pinterest to show her readers the most absurd and interesting things.  Many of the posts are about appreciating the small things in life like baking and cooking in vintage pyrex!

2. Living Rich on the Cheap at http://livingrichonthecheap.blogspot.ca/

I only recently found Cheapchick's blog.  She is currently writing about relocating from Alberta to Vancouver Island.  One of her recent posts was about the bountiful seafood to be had on the West Coast.  I can relate.  I also enjoy her thrifting finds and budget updates.  She really lives up to her blog name.

3. Retro Fashion is my Passion at http://retrofashionismypassion.blogspot.ca/ 

This blog is the last one that I joined to follow.  The author writes with a lot of humour about vintage fashion and hairdos, but the blog is about a lot more, like her Etsy business and decorating her home.  I also like that the cleanness of her blog and that she includes just the right amount of photographs.

4. The Creekhouse at http://thecreekhouseblog.blogspot.ca/ 

Lovers of mid-century, go here pronto!  Jenny is an elementary school teacher and an Etsy entrepreneur.  She mainly posts about what housewares and collectables she finds to stock her store.  But what finds they are!  Arabia of Finland, Dansk, and Marimekko are some of the Scandinavian brands she finds.  Who would have known that Colorado would yield such amazing mid-century. 

5. Thrift Shopper for Peace at http://thriftshopperforpeace.wordpress.com/ 

This is another blog from my home province of British Columbia, and the author intellectualizes thrift shopping like I do.  Read her 'about' page to see what I mean.  Her most recent post was about disappearing bookstores and books.  She also 'reviews' thrift stores from around Vancouver and the lower mainland, and from her visits to other parts of Canada and abroad. 

So my lieblings, congratulations and pass on the award to 5 blogs you cherish that have less than 200 followers. 


Sarah Lillian said...

Eek! Thank you so much! You are so sweet!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! I'm so happy someone is reading my blog!

Dana@Mid2Mod said...

Congrats on your award!

FashionMoto said...

Congratulations for this wonderful award! ヅ

P.S. Please stop by soon to check our thrifted finds and let's us know if you want to follow each other. 乂⍲‿⍲乂


Thank you! 乂⍲‿⍲乂

Cheapchick said...

Well, holy crap on a cracker! Thanks for your nomination! And you, by the way, are one of my favorite blogs!

Thrift Shopper for Peace said...

thank you so much for your kinds words and for your nomination. i'm totally flabbergasted!